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Reliable and safe operation of belt conveyor systems

The robust, maintenance-friendly and economical design of ERBÖ pulleys is the result of many years of experience, professional design and efficient and optimized production.

The design and construction is carried out by a software specially created for conveyor belt pulleys and by a fast and safe 3D design.

We manufacture both drive pulleys and return pulleys according to customer specifications and will be happy to advise you on the optimization and development of pulley series.

For externally mounted pulleys, efficient and optimized clamping sets are always our first choice with regard to the torsional and bending moments to be transmitted. In the case of internally supported return pulleys, we can offer proven bearing and seal variants for light, medium and heavy loads.

We are also happy to supply pulleys according to factory standards and customer drawings.

To improve the frictional connection between pulley and belt as well as to increase the wear protection, we can realize the different pulley coverings. Rubber, rubber/ceramic, pure ceramic and also PU materials in different designs are used here.

In addition to conventional drive and return pulleys, we also manufacture special constructions such as disc, rod and cable pulleys.

For an inquiry, you can also easily use our corresponding inquiry form. Simply enter all the data you have there. If we need further information, we will contact you immediately.

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