Idler stations

Made in Germany

Idler stations
Reliable and safe operation of belt conveyor systems

ERBÖ idler stations

Are robust, durable and protected against external influences. Galvanization or other corrosion protection guarantee durable operation.

We offer both 2- and 3-roll stations up to elaborate steering stations.

For troughing angle and sleeper designs, such as U-steel, angle steel, flat or tubular steel, we offer a wide range of stations.

ERBÖ idler stations can be designed according to both DIN 22111 and DIN 22114. In many cases, non-standardized variants are also manufactured.

ERBÖ offers guide idler stations in different designs. Whether with lateral guide idlers or without - ERBÖ idler stations react quickly and automatically and safely eliminate any belt misalignment.

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Idler stations in various industries

Mining Mining
Bulk Material Bulk Material
Tunnel Tunnel
Food Food

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