Bulk Material

Bulk Material
Conveyor belt components with high reliability

Bulk material refers to a mixture in granular or lumpy form that is present in a pourable form. Bulk material is referred to when bulk material occurs in large quantities. The prerequisite for handling or transporting bulk goods is their suitability on the basis of their physical properties. These are goods in bulk for traders and companies. Bulk goods include building materials such as sand & gravel , natural stone, cement and raw materials such as coal, ores and salts. Foodstuffs such as grain, sugar and flour can also be assigned to this.

Bulk goods are often stored in silos or bunkers due to their material properties. In transportation, a distinction is made between continuous, i.e. uninterruptedly flowing, and discontinuous transportation.

Continuous transport methods include simple devices such as hoses and pipes (so-called pneumatic conveying), as well as complex systems such as continuous conveyors (conveyor systems).

Conveyor systems have such a great advantage because they work very efficiently, the bulk material can be transported directly without additional containers and, on top of that, they have a high level of work safety.

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